This is your go to page for Inspired Me Studio directory links.  Everything from where to buy Inspired Me Studio art, and other Inspired Me Studio sites and social media connections. As well as links to my favorite sites to read and visit.


Where to buy Inspired Me Studio art and designs

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Inspired Me Studio is currently affiliated with a number of Print on Demand companies where you can buy products to order (often with customization options). A comprehensive list of those sites are as follows.

  • My Spoonflower shop. For textile prints and wallpaper visit my shop on Spoonflower.  Spoonflower has a nice variety of print on demand fabrics.  For custom design orders or variations please contact me through this website or my Spoonflower store.
  • My main Inspired Me Studio Zazzle store. Here you can buy customisable print to order merchandise featuring the main body my artwork.  Anything from canvas prints and posters to teapots, plates and even nail wraps and Phone cases. If you can think of it Zazzle may have it.
  • My Painted Ffrog Fabrics Zazzle store. This store features textile prints inspired by my art with a twist.  You can customise the design yourself before you order. Yes that’s right no need to contact me to create something specific before you order. you can add names, pictures, and in many cases change colours right there with the Zazzle design tool. In addition to lovely fabrics you will also find customisable matching button covers and ribbons.
  • My Messages In Petals Zazzle store. Yes that’s right a third Zazzle store. But this one is just dedicated to my floriography Inkblot artwork. No need to sift through dog illustrations, mantises or hummingbirds.  Just one store filled entirely with customisable floriography inkblots by me.
  • My Red Bubble store. A nice selection of red bubble products with my artwork printed on them.
  • My Society 6 Store. Another print on demand company where you can find products featuring my art.

Inspired Me Studio sites and media profiles

You can connect with Inspired Me Studio on a number of social media and networking sites.  We also have a couple of other blogs on which we write and promote about our art and design as well as creative related content.  Bellow is a list on links to those sites.

  • Painted Ffrog Blog by Inspired Me Studio.  My Blogger blog that covers my textile designs and that of other designers. Each post features a selection from a fabric collection currently available, the inspirations and mood behind the collection as well as potential ideas on what the fabric could become.  Many many posts by me and a few guest bloggers sprinkled in between.   You can see a feed from this blog on my fabrics page, or visit the blog directly here.
  • Craft To Blog By Inspired Me Studio. Another blog with post by both myself and occasionally some guest bloggers. This blog is dedicated to craft projects inspired by POD products. There’s an increasing number of Print on demand products out there perfect for those crafty DIY projects, such as wallpaper, fabric and ribbon and more. For crafty ideas visit the blog here.
  • Inspired Me Studio on Twitter. Follow @inspiredmestudi on twitter for inspired me studio news, updates, inspirational pics and general babel by yours truly.
  • Inspired Me Studio on Facebook. You can follow Inspired Me Studio on Facebook here.
  • Inspired Me Studio on Google +.  If you are on google follow our google + page here.
  • Inspired Me Studio on TSU.  You can find our TSU profile here.

Sites I love

I love reading about art and design and checking out the creativity of others on a regular basis.

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