Are you having a Merry Christmas?


We celebrate Christmas in our house.  And this year V was off work for both Christmas day and Boxing Day (it’s a Brit thing), so we have had a busy week.  Actually with two days of friends and family dinners and another play date and dinner for S, it’s been a really really busy week.  And with that and being busy to the lead up to Christmas I never managed to finish my artwork for my Christmas post.

So I’m sneaking on now to share it with you and to just say…

Hope you had a happy holidays and have a great new year.  And thanks for supporting me, my art and my blog.

I’m looking forward to sharing more art with you in the new year.

These two inkblot art pieces were inspired by a beautiful poinsettia I bought this month.

Green and red Poinsettia floriography inkblot artwork. The Poinsettia ~ Good cheer and success.

Green and red Poinsettia floriography inkblot artwork. The Poinsettia ~ Good cheer and success.

The poinsettia has more than one floriography meaning that i have found through research.  This piece depicts the meaning “Good cheer and success” which no doubt is connected to it’s popularity as a decorative Christmas plant and it’s association with Christmas.

 This second piece is another inkblot artwork featuring the poinsettia plant… this time leaving out the green ink.

Floriography inkblot of a poinsettia with the meaning of purity.

Floriography inkblot of a poinsettia with the meaning of purity.

From research I have found it stated that the Aztecs gave the meaning of purity to the poinsettia. And that they used it’s red leaves for dye. Sometimes you learn more than you expect when studying up on something simple.  Look up the meaning of a plant and end up reading a page on the Aztecs, their sacrifice beliefs and where they got dye from.

See you in the New Year everyone. Good cheer and success to you all!

Break Out The Christmas Cheer!

Tis the season to break out the twinkly and gaudy decorations. And for kids to write letters that start with,

Dear Santa, in metallic red paint effect.

All in the hopes that they get beautiful, neatly wrapped presents, in paper like this,

Merry Christmas in Check.


From Santa, in red metallic paint effect.

On Christmas Day.

Now that Halloween and Thanksgiving is behind us for another year, we can emerge ourselves in the Christmas spirit. I don’t know about you, but I prefer not to start with Christmas until the 1st of December. I don’t count the days or sleeps starting from August. I don’t break out the decorations ready for Thanksgiving. I just wait till December starts….well with the exception of some present buying. As having family across the pond negates a little premature preparation, in order to send it to them in time (I’m always too late for the post office deadline, one day i’ll make it).

But once December hits and the space has been cleared for one of these,

Squiggly Christmas Tree.

then its time to get,

Ready For Santa, in red paint effect.

We break out the numerous boxes hidden last January in the hunt for lots of these,

A Christmas Bauble In Blue.

A Christmas Bauble In Green.

And we may even get around to hanging one of these on the door this year,

Squiggly Christmas Wreath

And watch countless movies on tv. Featuring the big man in read with his eight,

Christmas Stag.


Or perhaps look out the window to beautiful wintery scenes and wildlife,

The Robin.

But most of all this month I shall be wishing eveyone. My family, friends, and all of you,

Merry Christmas, in red metallic paint effect.