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Inspired Me Studio blog is less a blog more a diary…scrap that it’s a sketchbook. Or rather a sketchbook diary. And it’s also a challenge. A challenge I’ve set for myself and to be shared with you all.

There’s a lot of inspiration in this world, and I intend to embrace as much as I can. And be open to any creativity that may follow it.
I love to be creative. I love to paint, sew, draw, design and this will be my get creative project. My excuse to squeeze in some extra time to paint or draw or whatever takes my fancy.

Whenever I’m inspired by something in my day to day life I will use that inspiration to creative something. An art piece or two, or more. Which I will then share with you all on here. I’m going to set myself a target number of which I will aspire to. It’s 10411. It’s not a random number, and it’s probably going to take forever to reach if I do ever manage to get there. But I’ll have fun trying and counting my way there.

It’s inspired by my beautiful daughter, who inspired me to do this “art project”. She inspires me in so many ways. But mostly she opens my eyes to the beauty of the world and life. And makes me realise more so, how much I want to remember every day spent on this earth that she is on. I’m not really a writer (which is I’m sure obvious from this page), but this diary will be a fun way to look back at our days together. It will be a fun did you know your mother did” story to tell her. I will have fun making it and I hope you all have fun reading it.

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