Yoo-Hoo I See You


Since I started selling my art on Zazzle and Spoonflower, I have realized that being social is a necessity to get my work seen and perhaps make one sale. And since then I’ve been on steep learning curve as to what marketing means to an artist.

Many think that selling your photography or artwork on a POD site (print on demand website) is a simple and quick way to make money from your creative efforts.  But it’s anything but quick, simple and by no means easy.

Starting out I expected to spend majority of my time creating the art, followed by creating designs for POD sites from said art and finally promoting. But the reality has been in fact the reverse. I have at times spend majority of my time networking or socializing, followed by designing for the POD sites, and then some artwork. Which may not sound like a big deal, except for me it matters as my time in the to create is already short.  But I still do it anyway. I do it because because without networking and socializing nobody would see my art, or my blog.  Let alone my art of the POD sites.  Often I do it religiously, sometimes I take a break for a couple of days, or more.  I follow advice I have been given.  And I try all the social media networking/marketing advice I find.  Post regularly and I try to not go a huge amount of time between blog posts (which is hard because I don’t like posting till I’ve completed a project which may be more than one piece in my mind when I start out.  But through all of that I sometimes…….Actually quite often find myself looking at the screen like this.

Peek a Hoo, I see you!

Peek a Hoo, I see you!

And wondering Do you see me?

You see for the most part, the only time I can see someone has read my blog, or liked my work, and designs is if they tell me.  Be it through a simple like or comment, even an email, or a simple mention, share on their profiles and pages, or re-tweet. Without those I can’t tell what you think or if you have even read what I have written. Yes I have statistics for this website…but they are very vague. It doesn’t say if you liked something….sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between the visits from genuine folks and the bots or spammers with their dubious shoe sales.  So often when I publish new posts and network on all the different social sites, I sometimes wonder if anyone sees me? Sometimes it feels like I am talking into the massive abyss that is the world wide web. The proverbial tree in an internet forest.  If I post something and no-one is there to read it, does it make an impact of any kind?

I create to be creative as it is what I love.  And I also wish to show S that you can still try to do something that makes you happy even if its not a nine to five that’s guaranteed to make a living.  So I wont stop doing so, because I cannot see who’s listening to me.  And I wont stop sharing in case someone is.

So I shall just have to continue to be inspired and create.  And I shall continue to share.

And I shall probably also still often find myself staring at the computer screen,



still like this looking for that  spec of encouragement.

Still wondering are you out there? Can you see me?

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A New Logo.


Till now I’ve been more interested in the painting and the drawing.

…….at least whenever I can achieve it.

I let the branding and presentation side slide…mostly because I got distracted with the art side, but also because I was putting off figuring out how to edit WordPress to being exactly as I wanted it.

But after while I just couldn’t pretend I didn’t mind the shabby and not very well put together look I have. so I decided to stop procrastinating. And so now I shall be fitting in between art posts work on my presentation.

It’s a slow work in progress. And i shall be working on it bit by bit. progressively over time. So please don’t expect an over night complete transformation.

But today I do have one improvement to show you.  A new Inspired Me Studio. I figured it was time to have one and maybe the best place to start.

It took a while to figure out not just what I wanted and what was expected of a logo but also what represented Inspired Me Studio the best.

This was something I found challenging. At first I was more concerned with the text and displaying the name. But this didn’t get me anywhere. It wasn’t until i stopped and thought about what it was I was offering, that was able to make any progress on starting. I realized that a logo was more than just a signature or displaying your name. It has to tell a story. It had to tell Inspired Me Studios story. And What Inspired Me Studio was about and what I offered.

Firstly lets start with what I am and what I have to offer.  I am an artist and a designer.  I knew that that important aspect must be the main focus of my logo.  I needed to include a piece of my art but something compact and unique to me.

I had recently revisited a style of art that really enjoyed and its something that you don’t see commonly. I decided it would work perfectly for this project so I took that style and went with it.

But first I had to decide what to draw. Something simple and compact. Not a fine art piece of a landscape. But something that told my story.

But how do you choose which elements of a long story to tell.  If you have read my about page and been following my blog till now. you would already know that I am an English transplant, now living in Southern California with my husband and young daughter.  You’d know I have a background in both art and fashion design. And you would know that my daughter played a big part in Inspiring me to start creating again and Inspired Me Studio, blog and all.  That I have many hopes for the path inspired Me Studio will take me on.  It’s a very much personal journey to me.  But how do I incorporate all that into a simple logo? It took a lot of thought and consideration. What would represent all that?

i decided to take inspiration from a form of symbolism I am a fan of, floriography.

Floriography reminded me that many things have symbolic meanings including flowers.  I chose to use a flower in my logo. But not for its floriography meaning. I wanted something that would be aesthetically pleasing in my painting style which could also represent my Daughter, for all her influence in my starting this endeavor.  Her name literally is Star in another language.  I found many flower examples that were known to have star shaped flowers and I felt a flower would best represent her beautiful nature.  I chose the ever climbing cypress vine. for its beautiful red star shaped flowers.

**In case you are curious i have yet to find a meaning for the cypress vine on its own… but apparently according to one site i read when combined with Marigold it stands for despair, not quite the feelings the flower invokes in myself. If anyone finds a nicer meaning for the cypress vine i would love to hear it. 

So I created some ink blots in a beautiful red ink and sketched a cypress vine flower and leaves in gold oil based sharpie. Ink blots are most beautiful i find when symmetrically mirrored. So decided to make the logo so too.

A messy mess. So much fun to create.

A messy mess. So much fun to create.

Flowers, especially trumpet flowers also go very well hand in hand with another component of my logo……hummingbirds.  Hummingbirds feed nectar from trumpet shaped flowers.  And are attracted to brightly colored flowers.  For my last post I drew a few hummingbirds and cypress vines.  That post was inspired by the hummingbirds I have been watching in my garden.  I decided to reuse one of my hummingbird illustrations for my logo.  I found the symbolism of the hummingbird inspiring and very apt for what Inspired Me Studio both means to me and also my hopes and intentions.  Hummingbirds it is said, represent lightness and joy. their ability to fly in many directions fast and hover in one spot reminds us to continue to keep moving forwards. but not forget to remember to occasionally stop and savor life’s beauty. The meanings that have been attributed to these beautiful and mostly tiny birds resonate with me greatly.

My Hovering Hummingbird from my previous post.

My Hovering Hummingbird from my previous post.

So by this point I had all the elements of my logo, bar the text which chose to hand draw to match the style of the hummingbird. And put them all together in an antithetical form.

And here it is…my mirrored ink blot, hummingbird, cypress vine, daughter inspired, new logo with personal spiritual meaning.

And here it is. The new Inspired Me Studio logo

And here it is. The new Inspired Me Studio logo

What do you think? not too shabby huh? I’m pretty in love with its imagery. Perhaps I wont do too badly with this revamp after all! Now whats next on my list?….

OH JOY!……See you on the About Me page…….. in say 4 months, or longer.  That one may take some time.

Another preview, apology and an addendum.


The month is almost up, both mine and our daughter S’s birthdays are quickly approaching. They are both “milestone” birthdays at that. So we are busy, busy, busy, what with preparing to celebrate as well as looking after Soon to be toddler. As a result I’m still working on my first inspiration. Sorry guys I have any pictures of finished work for you this post. I currently have three different pieces on the go at the same time. The close-ups above and below are from the same piece. Not my usual method or style, I thought I’d try something different. Hoping it works out. I must say it’s calming to draw this way. Though more time-consuming. It reminds me very much of roman mosaics as well as the obvious Pointillism style.
Any guesses as to my current inspiration?


I hadn’t intended on posting again without at least one or two finished pieces to show you. However I didn’t think it would take me so long to finish at least one piece. I’m not by any means promising you or claiming I’m creating a masterpiece (far from it) but I haven’t found many spare minutes here and there to sit down and draw these past few weeks. I thought I better at least give you an update I mean I can’t let my first month go by with just one blog post. Could I?

And this brings me to the addendum. When I set forth this project I didn’t specify at least for myself a goal for how often I would post, or how many pieces I would create per post. I thought being flexible would be better. That way I wouldn’t feel rushed, nor would it seem out-of-place if I posted more frequently should the creativity flow more quickly at one time or another. Being flexible in my project seemed like a better way to fit it into my day-to-day life as mummy. Because let’s be honest S is numero UNO in order of getting things done. She needs me I’m there, she needs it, I’m doing it. Hovering over her like a honey bee on a flower……..ok maybe a helicopter over a freeway. The bumble bee thing just sounded prettier. Yes I admit it! My names Hannah and I’m a helicopter parent! I can also be described as an “attached parent”. Although I’ve never read the book nor remember the author’s name for that matter but from what I gather I do fair few things this “expert” encourages.

Ok so now I’ve held my hand up and admitted my guilt, time to move on to a solution. Clearly just a little structure will go a long way. I need to give myself a posting schedule at the very least. Because I’m busy with S I’m not going to go over board. I need to be pragmatic and honest with what I can achieve. But I would still like to maintain some flexibility because ever the optimist there may in fact be a week I can post multiple times! But then there’s also, I’m sure going to be weeks where it’s going to be even more difficult.

So let’s see………

let’s start with how many pieces of work should I promise per post? I’m going to stick with at least one. Yeah it may seem a cop-out or easy way out but I’ll more likely achieve one piece per inspiration more frequently than a larger number thus being more likely to be able to promise more frequent posts. However I reserve the opportunity to post as many above that minimum as I see fit should the creative juices really flow.

So now the bigger question.

How often should I post? Now this is tricky, I need to choose a frequency that is achievable in my busy schedule, yet enough so as to keep this blog entertaining. Once a month just isn’t going to cut it! I don’t want to bore you. But I still need to take into account I need to not just sit and write a post but also create at least one piece of work based on my day-to-day life experiences and inspirations.

What would be a happy medium? Is every two weeks too long for readers to wait? Or would once a week be too tight for my schedule? I want to give myself the opportunity to create something more than just scribbles and doodles. I’m not promising you I never will submit scribbles and doodles I’m just saying once or twice it would be nice to have the time to create something awesome.
So with that in mind I think I’ll give myself a bi weekly minimum target. No matter what I will post. Whether be it an update or hopefully some inspiration to share with you!

A New Blog

Hello and welcome to my arty blog. My name is Hannah, I live with my wonderful husband V and my beautiful daughter S. I’m a stay at home mum who loves design, art and fashion of which I’ve studied. I’m also an expat from the other side of the pond (Kent, U.K.), but now reside on the West Coast of U.S.A.

Inspired Me Studio blog is less a blog more a diary…scrap that it’s a sketchbook. Or rather a sketchbook diary. And it’s also a challenge. A challenge I’ve set for myself and to be shared with you all.

There’s a lot of inspiration in this world, and I intend to embrace as much as I can. And be open to any creativity that may follow it.

I love to be creative. I love to paint, sew, draw, design and this will be my get creative project. My excuse to squeeze in some extra time to paint or draw or whatever takes my fancy.

Whenever I’m inspired by something in my day to day life I will use that inspiration to creative something. An art piece or two, or more. Which I will then share with you all on here. I’m going to set myself a target number of which I will aspire to. It’s 10411. It’s not a random number, and it’s probably going to take forever to reach if I do ever manage to get there. But I’ll have fun trying and counting my way there.

It’s inspired by my beautiful daughter, who inspired me to do this “art project”. She inspires me in so many ways. But mostly she opens my eyes to the beauty of the world and life. And makes me realise more so, how much I want to remember every day spent on this earth that she is on. I’m not really a writer (which is I’m sure obvious from this page), but this diary will be a fun way to look back at our days together. It will be a fun did you know your mother did” story to tell her. I will have fun making it and I hope you all have fun reading it.

For this posts imagery, I’m going leave with you with a work in progress. It’s the first one. A tidbit of my next post. hopefully I’ll be happy with it and it will make it to my next post. Perhaps it may even have company.