Valentines Chaser

We’ve opened our cards, felt the love and gone back to the nitty gritty of every day life. Here we are a week later and I’ve finally finished picture number Seven that was interned for my Valentines post.

Turned out not too bad. Took longer than anticipated but I think that’s because I put more effort into it than just a doodle.

Here it is,


Heart felt kiss

What do you think?

It’s still what I’m calling a practice piece while I get used to my new medium. Speaking of which, any guesses as to what it is yet? Yes? No? Well I’m still keeping “mum” until my next post.

But that’s not all for this post! I have a bonus doodle for you under the same theme.


Mirror, Mirror

What do you think? Quirky?

A little clue to the mystery medium. All the pictures from the last blog post and this were made the same way.

Happy guessing!