Are you having a Merry Christmas?


We celebrate Christmas in our house.  And this year V was off work for both Christmas day and Boxing Day (it’s a Brit thing), so we have had a busy week.  Actually with two days of friends and family dinners and another play date and dinner for S, it’s been a really really busy week.  And with that and being busy to the lead up to Christmas I never managed to finish my artwork for my Christmas post.

So I’m sneaking on now to share it with you and to just say…

Hope you had a happy holidays and have a great new year.  And thanks for supporting me, my art and my blog.

I’m looking forward to sharing more art with you in the new year.

These two inkblot art pieces were inspired by a beautiful poinsettia I bought this month.

Green and red Poinsettia floriography inkblot artwork. The Poinsettia ~ Good cheer and success.

Green and red Poinsettia floriography inkblot artwork. The Poinsettia ~ Good cheer and success.

The poinsettia has more than one floriography meaning that i have found through research.  This piece depicts the meaning “Good cheer and success” which no doubt is connected to it’s popularity as a decorative Christmas plant and it’s association with Christmas.

 This second piece is another inkblot artwork featuring the poinsettia plant… this time leaving out the green ink.

Floriography inkblot of a poinsettia with the meaning of purity.

Floriography inkblot of a poinsettia with the meaning of purity.

From research I have found it stated that the Aztecs gave the meaning of purity to the poinsettia. And that they used it’s red leaves for dye. Sometimes you learn more than you expect when studying up on something simple.  Look up the meaning of a plant and end up reading a page on the Aztecs, their sacrifice beliefs and where they got dye from.

See you in the New Year everyone. Good cheer and success to you all!

A New Logo.


Till now I’ve been more interested in the painting and the drawing.

…….at least whenever I can achieve it.

I let the branding and presentation side slide…mostly because I got distracted with the art side, but also because I was putting off figuring out how to edit WordPress to being exactly as I wanted it.

But after while I just couldn’t pretend I didn’t mind the shabby and not very well put together look I have. so I decided to stop procrastinating. And so now I shall be fitting in between art posts work on my presentation.

It’s a slow work in progress. And i shall be working on it bit by bit. progressively over time. So please don’t expect an over night complete transformation.

But today I do have one improvement to show you.  A new Inspired Me Studio. I figured it was time to have one and maybe the best place to start.

It took a while to figure out not just what I wanted and what was expected of a logo but also what represented Inspired Me Studio the best.

This was something I found challenging. At first I was more concerned with the text and displaying the name. But this didn’t get me anywhere. It wasn’t until i stopped and thought about what it was I was offering, that was able to make any progress on starting. I realized that a logo was more than just a signature or displaying your name. It has to tell a story. It had to tell Inspired Me Studios story. And What Inspired Me Studio was about and what I offered.

Firstly lets start with what I am and what I have to offer.  I am an artist and a designer.  I knew that that important aspect must be the main focus of my logo.  I needed to include a piece of my art but something compact and unique to me.

I had recently revisited a style of art that really enjoyed and its something that you don’t see commonly. I decided it would work perfectly for this project so I took that style and went with it.

But first I had to decide what to draw. Something simple and compact. Not a fine art piece of a landscape. But something that told my story.

But how do you choose which elements of a long story to tell.  If you have read my about page and been following my blog till now. you would already know that I am an English transplant, now living in Southern California with my husband and young daughter.  You’d know I have a background in both art and fashion design. And you would know that my daughter played a big part in Inspiring me to start creating again and Inspired Me Studio, blog and all.  That I have many hopes for the path inspired Me Studio will take me on.  It’s a very much personal journey to me.  But how do I incorporate all that into a simple logo? It took a lot of thought and consideration. What would represent all that?

i decided to take inspiration from a form of symbolism I am a fan of, floriography.

Floriography reminded me that many things have symbolic meanings including flowers.  I chose to use a flower in my logo. But not for its floriography meaning. I wanted something that would be aesthetically pleasing in my painting style which could also represent my Daughter, for all her influence in my starting this endeavor.  Her name literally is Star in another language.  I found many flower examples that were known to have star shaped flowers and I felt a flower would best represent her beautiful nature.  I chose the ever climbing cypress vine. for its beautiful red star shaped flowers.

**In case you are curious i have yet to find a meaning for the cypress vine on its own… but apparently according to one site i read when combined with Marigold it stands for despair, not quite the feelings the flower invokes in myself. If anyone finds a nicer meaning for the cypress vine i would love to hear it. 

So I created some ink blots in a beautiful red ink and sketched a cypress vine flower and leaves in gold oil based sharpie. Ink blots are most beautiful i find when symmetrically mirrored. So decided to make the logo so too.

A messy mess. So much fun to create.

A messy mess. So much fun to create.

Flowers, especially trumpet flowers also go very well hand in hand with another component of my logo……hummingbirds.  Hummingbirds feed nectar from trumpet shaped flowers.  And are attracted to brightly colored flowers.  For my last post I drew a few hummingbirds and cypress vines.  That post was inspired by the hummingbirds I have been watching in my garden.  I decided to reuse one of my hummingbird illustrations for my logo.  I found the symbolism of the hummingbird inspiring and very apt for what Inspired Me Studio both means to me and also my hopes and intentions.  Hummingbirds it is said, represent lightness and joy. their ability to fly in many directions fast and hover in one spot reminds us to continue to keep moving forwards. but not forget to remember to occasionally stop and savor life’s beauty. The meanings that have been attributed to these beautiful and mostly tiny birds resonate with me greatly.

My Hovering Hummingbird from my previous post.

My Hovering Hummingbird from my previous post.

So by this point I had all the elements of my logo, bar the text which chose to hand draw to match the style of the hummingbird. And put them all together in an antithetical form.

And here it is…my mirrored ink blot, hummingbird, cypress vine, daughter inspired, new logo with personal spiritual meaning.

And here it is. The new Inspired Me Studio logo

And here it is. The new Inspired Me Studio logo

What do you think? not too shabby huh? I’m pretty in love with its imagery. Perhaps I wont do too badly with this revamp after all! Now whats next on my list?….

OH JOY!……See you on the About Me page…….. in say 4 months, or longer.  That one may take some time.