Inspired Me Studio Art And Zazzle Store Review By Leah G

I am just taking a break from my usual blog content (A new art post per my usual style will be coming shortly. So don’t worry, I have already written the title) to share with you a website and new post by a fellow artist and friend.  Leah G is a talented artist and cartoonist.  She does some particularly great work in the Japanese Kawaii style.  She is also a great blogger, who writes some great buying advice, trending advice and reviews, finding some great ideas for any manor of intended recipient.   Just recently Leah has started reviewing  specific artists, their art and their Zazzle stores.   Iam proud to be the second artist she has reviewed. Not only did I receive some lovely compliments but also some great tips and constructive advice I plan on taking to heart for self improvement.  Do please check out her  blog post about my store titled “Zazzle Review- Inspired Me Studio- Trending Line Art Decor And Accessories”. I am Beyond thrilled to here my line art style is trending right now! So do please check it out as well as her other reviews and gift ideas!

created by Leah G

created by Leah G


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