Inspired Me Studio blog has gone Deviant

Just an announcement between posts that I have set up a Deviant Art profile for Inspired Me Studio blog!

I’ve actually had this account since I set up the Inspired Me Studio blog, but did nothing with it till now.

You can find Inspired Me Studio at Deviant Art here

I’ll try to post most if not all, hell maybe even more my my artwork and photos on there and it can be used as more of a gallery page.

I’m currently working on artwork for my next post. In that post I will tell you how I made all the Valentines artwork.

For this posts imagery I’ll share an old photo of mine that shall feature in my next post. It was taken in Colorado on my old phone. We came across the longest line of tanker cars I have ever seen stored on some side tracks. They actually curve around in front of us far off in the distance. I lost sight of where they ended.

Tanker car train, Colorado.

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