I went quiet.. But now I am not.

I let my blog go by the wayside, I am sorry but now I am back.

I want to start by apologizing for not posting any blog updates for a long long time. Life got busy, my health was not the best and I chose to work on a new type of artistic project that I had never done before, hoping it would sell better than my Zazzle artwork had been. But that was something I had never done before. A huge learning curve that I do admit I was able to get help and advice on from many many lovely people, but I also had to teach myself some parts. That project took years to complete. I also realized that the more that I focused on blogging and promotion the less new art was completed. The more balls I attempted to juggle (family, health, art creation, blogging, promotion and the new project) the more of them I kept dropping. I realized something had to give. I chose to take a pause on the blogging for a while to see if I could get my project finished. And that project look a long long time. I did other work projects too on the smaller scale. Family life changed as I got pregnant again and spent most of that year on bed rest, loosing most of that year for any chances to complete that project. Then I had a 7 yr old and a new baby. Life was messy and all over the place and then and most of us, myself included found ourselves remote schooling our kids in a pandemic. I was juggling more and dropping even more. I wasn’t sure if I would ever catch up. Eventually though I managed to finish the last few pages of that project and with a toddler and 9 yr old at my feet I finally finished that years long project earlier this year. I am proud of myself that I finished it. A little regretful it took so long. Time will tell if it was worth it. The project I will save for another post. For now though I am hopeful I can try to pick up my blog again, and promote my work more.

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